Monday, August 22, 2005

The BBC, drugs, sex and the security services.

In 2003, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary detailing the cocaine scandals involving some of the BBC's best-known presenters.

The programme, 'Snorting Coke With The BBC', suggested that cocaine abuse is rife at the BBC.

Bough, who presented the BBC’s Breakfast Time news programme admitted in 1988 that he had attended cocaine and sex parties.


In the 1980s, Peter Duncan, from the children's programme Blue Peter, was outed as a former soft-porn star; in 1998, Richard Bacon was fired after the News of the World "revealed" that the "Blue Peter goody-goody" was "a cocaine-snorting sneak".


According to a site called tvlicensing:

"The BBC is controlled by new Labour placemen...

"The BBC offers poor quality, unfocused services, accounting that rivals Enron's for murkiness, and some of the worst gutter programming ever made, with perhaps 5% of its output constituting real public broadcasting, by any reasonable definition."


To get a job at the BBC it helps if your family has a military connection.

It also helps if you are sympathetic to the Anglo-American-Israeli establishment.

Extract from 'Blacklist: The Inside Story of Political Vetting' by Mark Hollingsworth and Richard Norton-Taylor -

At the BBC:

"All news and current affairs journalists, film editors, directors and producers in every department were vetted by the Security Services.

"Vetting was run from Room 105, a secluded office on the first floor of Broadcasting House – a part of the same network of corridors on which George Orwell modelled his Ministry of Truth in 1984.

"There the BBC employed a Security Liaison Officer who received the names of all successful job applicants from the chairmen of interviewing boards...

"In 1982 Brigadier Ronald L. Stonham, a retired army officer, moved into Room 105 as ‘Special Assistant' to the Director of Personnel, Christopher Martin, himself a former Royal Marine."

On 29th January 1987, Alasdair Milne, 'the last Director General to take the corporation's public service remit seriously', was removed by Marmaduke Hussey, Thatcher's new chairman of the board.

The government did not like some of the programmes broadcast by the BBC while Milne was Director General.

1. 'Maggie’s Militant Tendency', broadcast on 30th January 1984, was a Panorama documentary which looked at extreme right-wing elements on the backbenches of the Tory party and showed Neil Hamilton MP and Gerald Howarth MP attending extreme right meetings.

2. Duncan Campbell’s 'Secret Society' [available here] series that showed evidence that £500 million of unauthorised Military Intelligence spending on a Zircon spy satellite had been concealed from the House of Commons' Public Accounts Committee. The Zircon film was not broadcast to the public.

3. The drama 'Edge of Darkness' was about collaboration between rogue elements in government and the nuclear industry.

Thatcher appointed Marmaduke Hussey chairman of the BBC Governors in November 1986.

According to 'Chance Governs All', Marmaduke Hussey's memoirs, 2001:

In 1986, Hussey had a conversation with Victor Rothschild, head of the C.P.R.S. government 'think tank'.

"Can you fire the Director General?" enquires Rothschild

A long pause from Hussey, "I think so".

"Well, that's all that needs to be said isn't it" Rothschild replies.

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