Monday, August 22, 2005

The BBC works for MI6?

From the BBC website:

"Iran had just nationalised the very oil fields that had powered Britain through two world wars. Downing Street wanted them back. London paid Iranian agents to sow seeds of dissent in Tehran. Then, to win American support for a coup, the men from the Ministry fanned fears of a Russian invasion.

"Even the BBC was used to spearhead Britain's propaganda campaign.

"In fact, Auntie (the BBC) agreed to broadcast the very code word that was to spark revolution."


So, the BBC admits that it played a role in the toppling of the democratic government of Mossadeq in Iran.

According to a leaked CIA document, the BBC used its broadcasts to relay a codeword to the plotters in Iran.

British agents Donald Wilber and Norman Derbyshire developed the coup plan.

Derbyshire worked with the BBC.


In 'MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations', Stephen Dorril argues that 'MI6 has operated as a state within a state, influencing and manipulating foreign policy to suit its jaundiced view of the world.',4273,3983551,00.html

MI6-controlled organised the coup in Iran which removed the popular and moderate prime minister, Mohammed Mossadeq, despised by the British because he nationalised the Iranian oil industry. MI6 and the CIA armed, funded and directed the conspirators, and Mossadeq was ousted in 1953.



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