Monday, August 29, 2005

Madsen and Rodriguez

Journalists sometimes feel threatened.

Greg Szymanski, 27 August 2005, at , writes of reports that government operatives are trying to assassinate someone highly critical of the Bush administration.

William Rodriguez, the WTC janitor who has been speaking out across the nation about a 9/11 government conspiracy, has just found that his Jersey City apartment has been broken into.

Rodriguez has damaging eye-witness testimony that bombs exploded in the WTC basement before the 9 11 planes struck.

Rodriguez has contacted the police about the burglary.

Rodriguez has received a “warning email” from contacts close to Washington investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who received credible information his life may be in danger.

The inside intelligence source that leaked the information to Madsen said the target was not specifically mentioned by name, but fits the description of both Madsen and Rodriguez.

“I just received this email this morning, warning that someone who fits my description is going to be targeted,” said Rodriguez, concerning the communication he received from John Caylor, a friend of Madsen who is spreading the word to others potentially in danger.

Madsen, highly critical of the Bush administration, left Washington for several days and is taking the warning seriously while keeping his whereabouts secret.

“I am laying low for a few days,” said Madsen in an email Saturday from an undisclosed location. “The threat, although not directly to me personally, was credible enough to leave D.C. for awhile.”

Madsen, a former National Security Agency employee turned reporter, has revealed financial corruption linking the Bush administration to major foreign and domestic scandals, including 9/11.

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