Saturday, August 20, 2005

Would you believe these journalists in future?

Martin Woollacott in the Guardian on 24 January 2003:

"Among those knowledgeable about Iraq there are few, if any, who believe he (Saddam) is not hiding such weapons. It is a given."

Andrew Rawnsley, in The Observer 24 February 2003:

Blair was "genuinely disturbed - it would not be going too far to say petrified - about Saddam Hussein's potential ability to use weapons of mass destruction."

The BBC's Laura Trevelyan on 14 January 2004:

Tony Blair "passionately believes" that Saddam had to be confronted if future generations were not to be haunted by our inaction.

The Daily Telegraph's editors:

"Any fair-minded person who listened to [the] debate... must surely have concluded that Mr Blair was right, and his opponents were wrong."

The Independent's editors:

"Tony Blair's capacities as a performer and an advocate have never been in doubt. But this was something much more... this was the most persuasive case yet made by the man who has emerged as the most formidable persuader for war on either side of the Atlantic. The case against President Saddam's 12-year history of obstructing the United Nation's attempts at disarmament has never been better made."

ITN's Nicholas Owen, 3 April 2003:

Saddam is surrounded by "a rogue's gallery of the world's most wanted men."



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