Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nick Robinson


Nick Robinson is now the BBC's political editor.


On ITN’s Lunchtime News, 8 September 2003, political editor Nick Robinson reported that:

“hundreds of servicemen are risking their lives to bring peace and security to the streets of Iraq”.

Media Lens asked:

Can we imagine an ITN or BBC correspondent reporting how

“hundreds of servicemen are risking their lives to pacify local resistance to Western control of the world’s second largest oil reserves”?

According to Media Lens:

It is simply deemed ‘beyond the pale’ to suggest that British servicemen are risking their lives, and indeed dying, so that small groups of powerful people can make money out of Iraqi oil, out of arms budgets bloated on hyped threats, and as a result of business backhanders from grateful American elites.

Media Lens pointed out that:

In the 1930s, the anarchist thinker Rudolf Rocker declared the truth that is always as obvious in hindsight as it is unthinkable in the present:"We speak of national interests, national capital, national spheres of interest, national honour, and national spirit; but we forget that behind all this there are hidden merely the selfish interests of power-loving politicians and money-loving business men for whom the nation is a convenient cover to hide their personal greed and their schemes for political power from the eyes of the world." (Rudolf Rocker, Culture and Nationalism, Michael E. Coughlan, 1978, p.253)

According to Media Lens:

Nick Robinson, as well as the Guardian and the BBC, are essentially echoing government propaganda.



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