Saturday, October 01, 2005

Robert Fisk


Robert Fisk appears to support the Bush-Blair-CIA-MI6 viewpoint when it comes to bin Laden.

Fisk appears to support the following ideas:

1. Bin Laden probably did not die in December 2001.
2. Bin Laden did break with his family and did fall out with America.
3. Bin Laden was not working for the CIA-MI6 in Sudan and Afghanistan.
4. Bin Laden was not involved with top Americans in the drugs trade.

Robert Fisk says ( ) he met bin Laden in Sudan in 1994, having been taken to a remote desert location whose location he wasn't supposed to be able to identify.

In Afghanistan in 1996 bin Laden mainly talked with Mr. Fisk about the corruption of the Saudi regime and his desire to see the Americans and British out of the country. That, rather than concern about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, seemed to be his main obsession then.

Is Fisk being naive, or is there another explanation?

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