Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saudi Arabia has blocked

Posted at, 5 October 2005, by Jemima Kiss.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have blocked access to Google-owned , according to press freedom group Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF).

Users can read blogs hosted under the blogger domain but can't log in to update their own blogs.

The Saudi Internet Services Unit (ISU) told RSF that it had blocked access to but would not give any reason.

The ISU is responsible for enforcing web filtering and censorship but instructions on blocking content are given by the security services.

More than 400,000 political, religious and sexually-orientated sites are blacklisted in the kingdom.

"Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that censors the internet the most, but blog services had not until now been affected by the ISU's filters," said a spokesperson for RSF."

"Only China had so far used such an extreme measure to censor the internet."

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