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Jozefowicz, Seifert....,,11069-1958479,00.html

From The Times, 24 December 2005:

Godalming geek made millions running the Pentagon's propaganda war in Iraq.

By Patrick Foster and Tim Reid in Washington

IT WAS astounding enough for Washington’s political elite: last month they discovered that the man at the heart of a scandal over the planting of US propaganda in Iraqi newspapers was a dapper but unknown 30-year-old Oxford graduate who had somehow managed to land a $100 million Pentagon contract.

What is even more remarkable however, after an investigation by The Times, is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company is under investigation for planting fake news stories in Iraqi newspapers, was a nerdy, socially awkward English school-leaver called Jozefowicz.

The transformation of the geeky but ambitious Christian Jozefowicz, who just a few years ago was growing up in a modest terraced house in Godalming, Surrey, to the charming, baby-faced multimillionaire Christian Bailey now rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful figures in Washington — and who next year will probably face questions on Capitol Hill about his company — is one of the more extraordinary stories to have emerged from the Iraq war.

This month it was revealed that Mr Bailey’s US company, the Lincoln Group, was the recipient of a Pentagon contract to help to fight the information war in Iraq.

It then emerged that the company was paying Iraqi journalists to plant optimistic news “stories” in Iraqi papers that had been written by the US military.

Interference with the press touches a raw nerve in America. The fake stories revelation provoked a furore among Republicans and Democrats. President Bush said he was “very troubled” by it. Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, has promised a Pentagon investigation. Congress plans hearings into the scandal.

The journey from the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, which Mr Bailey left in 1994, to the heart of K Street in Washington, the centre of money and influence in the US capital, has been remarkably rapid. Today he has a reputation in Washington for being a socialite with links to influential Republicans. He is a helicopter and aircraft pilot and his home is in a fashionable area.

Through a Lincoln Group spokesman, Mr Bailey answered questions from The Times to help to explain how, at just 30, he landed the Pentagon as an important client.

He was born Christian Martin Jozefowicz on November 28, 1975, in Kingston upon Thames, to Jerzy and Anne Jozefowicz.

His father, a Polish architect, died in April 1998.

His mother, who has since reverted to her maiden name of Seifert, was born in West Germany...


The Oxonian Society

TREASURER — Christian Bailey (Lincoln)


Her Royal Highness Princess Badiya El Hassan of Jordan (Ch Ch)
His Excellency Ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock (Worcester),British Ambassador to the United Nations
His Excellency Ambassador Alon Pinkas, Consul General of Israel
James Woolsey (St. John’s), Former Director of the CIA


Friday, December 23, 2005

57 journalists murdered; a country where dead journalists make the news

Worldwide so far this year, 57 journalists have been murdered

The following is taken from:

Country Where Dead Journalists Make the News

December 20, 2005

By Allen Meagher. Source: Irish Times

GAMBIA: Independent journalists would 'go six feet under', said the president, and his threat was not an idle one. Allen Meagher reports on the first anniversary of the death of Deyda Hydara.

Journalist Deyda Hydara could only be seen this weekend walking the streets of Banjul on T-shirts that Gambians wear in honour of their fallen hero.

It is just a year since the father of Gambian journalism and editor of The Point was killed, reputedly by government-linked assassins called the "Green Boys". As is so often the case with murdered journalists, the killers remain free.

Over the weekend West African journalists held a conference in The Gambia to mark the first anniversary of the killing. However, the Gambian regime barred entry to keynote speaker Leonard Vincent of Reporters Sans Frontires (RSF). He was due to speak on press freedom, democracy and development in Africa.

While many journalists in Africa experience persecution, only six have been murdered in the past two years. Gambia's record, particularly given its small population (1.4 million) is proportionately the worst at present on the continent, for Hydara was the second journalist killed since the president declared that independent journalists would "go six feet under".

CNN and PEN International each posthumously awarded the journalist their highest honours for his work as a human-rights defender.

In the meanwhile, RSF, whom Hydara represented in Gambia, concluded after an investigation that the murder "seemed to be the work of the regime."

The chief suspects have never been questioned and former soldier President Yahya Jammeh seems more concerned with upcoming elections next year and has so far resisted international pressure for an independent investigation into Hydara's killing.

Last Friday Mr Vincent criticised the hardline president for seeing RSF as "the enemy" and noted that Gambian journalists "are not only threatened by an aggressive president but also by one of the worst sets of laws in Africa".

The day after Hydara had criticised laws that threaten journalists with a minimum six-month prison term for writing anything "seditious" or generally libellous, he was shot dead. Months earlier, a BBC correspondent survived a murder attempt and the Independent newspaper was burnt to the ground (it soon reopened).

Of 13 student journalists and two prominent editors with whom I once worked closely, two have been murdered, a couple have fled the country, at least one was deported, another had his radio station closed down, two were sacked and most have been arrested and detained at one time or another.

Such incidents - compounded this November by the jailing of three opposition leaders - are provoking sharp international criticism.

However, President Jammeh has concerns closer to hand. He fired his army chief of staff, Assan Sarr, a fortnight ago, amid discontent within the army over non-payments of salary. He is also facing into presidential and parliamentary elections next year.

Worldwide so far this year, 57 journalists have been murdered, according to the International Press Institute. Most of the killers are never brought to justice.

On the positive side, the dropping of anti-press laws by Angola and the Central African Republic has seen their human rights records improve dramatically this year. They emerge with better track records in dealing with the media than some rich countries.

In The Gambia, unfortunately, dead journalists continue to make the news.

Allen Meagher is founding editor of Changing Ireland community development magazine, based in Moyross, Limerick. He previously worked for over two years in The Gambia and organised media training with Deyda Hydara for colleagues in the Gambia Press Union.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Our Press Awards

The media in the USA and Europe are sometimes described as being 'elitist' and 'boring'. Too often the media seem to be spouting propaganda straight from the Pentagon. Some people turn to the political 'blogs' to find the 'truth'.

However, the political blogs rely to a large extent on the mainstream media. The mainstream media are not all bad. We should continue to buy newspapers!

The following media outlets (they are not in any order of merit and there are several that I have no doubt left out but that should have been included) receive media awards from this humble little blog:

Scotland on Sunday.

Scotland on Sunday told us that a former Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.
The retired officer - of assistant chief constable rank or higher - has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.

The Sunday-Herald.

The Sunday Herald told us of the UN claim that the Lockerbie trial was rigged.

The Sunday Herald has revealed much information about the dirty war in Ireland. The Scot behind the dirty war. IRA torturer Stakeknife reportedly worked for the British.
The Force Research Unit 'My unit conspired in the murder of civilians in Ireland'

The Irish Echo

The Irish Echo reported on allegations of a CIA link to arms sales to the IRA.

The Guardian.

The Guardian receives our award because it has mentioned Operation Northwoods and has reported how, in Belgium, the US launched a terrorism campaign, (killing shoppers in stores, anything to create an atmosphere of fear)

The Guardian also reported that in connection with the London bombs, former UK cabinet minister Meacher says MI6 is trying to cover its tracks.,3604,1566916,00.html

Michael Meacher - The War on Terrorism is bogus,1320,1036772,00.html

The Guardian told us about PEOPLE POWER - CIA CONNECTION

The Bristol Evening News.

Bristol Evening Post report on David Shayler's claims that 9 11 was the work of elements of the US government and that Blair worked for MI5

The Australian.

The Australian reported that the Indonesian security services may have played a part in the Bali bomb blasts.,5744,16898139^29277,00.html

The New Zealand Listener.

The Listener reported on the links between the security services and the 'Islamic terrorists' in Algeria. 'In recent years, firm evidence has begun to emerge from Algerian military sources and leading academics that the dreaded GIA has been – perhaps from the outset and certainly under Zitouni's bloody leadership – a dummy, or "screen" organisation managed by French/Algerian counter-intelligence.',

The Times and The Mail.

Both The Times and The Mail reviewed the book '9/11 Revealed: Challenging the Facts behind the War on Terror' by Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan,,2102-1757744,00.html
9 11 Revealed - The Daily Mail


CNN reminded us of that the Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange has claimed that ex-U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle threatened to have him "liquidated" over his country's anti-nuclear policy in the 1980s.


Newsweek told us about the 9 11 hijackers. According to Newsweek: "THREE OF THE alleged hijackers listed their address on drivers licenses and car registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla.—known as the “Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation,” according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source. Another of the alleged hijackers may have been trained in strategy and tactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., said another high-ranking Pentagon official. The fifth man may have received language instruction at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex."

El Mundo (Spain).

El Mundo (and The Times) told us about the links between the Madrid bombers and the security services.

The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 2 November 2002: "Some time around the 30 October 2002, senior officers in the Indonesian military HQ gave a piece of information to a military attache from a Western embassy in Indonesia -the source of explosive used in the October 12 bombing in Bali was the head of the counter-terrorism unit with the army's special forces."

The Cambridge Evening News.

The Cambridge Evening news reported the words of 7 July London bomb survivor Bruce Lait: "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag."

Le Figaro.

Le Figaro told us about bin Laden meeting the CIA while staying in an American hospital just before 9 11.

The Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times told us about Haroon Rashid Aswat - 'the London bomb mastermind'

The BBC.

From the BBC's Newsnight: "The younger Bush made his first million 20 years ago with an oil company partly funded by Salem Bin Laden's chief US representative. Young George also received fees as director of a subsidiary of Carlyle Corporation, a little known private company which has, in just a few years of its founding, become one of Americas biggest defence contractors. His father, Bush Senior, is also a paid advisor. And what became embarrassing was the revelation that the Bin Ladens held a stake in Carlyle..."

The BBC told us about Dr Ewen Cameron. "Cameron subjected his unsuspecting patients to massive electric shocks and a cocktail of powerful drugs in a 'brainwashing' programme funded by the CIA." Dr D. Ewen Cameron

The Independent.

The Independent reported that in his testimony before a US military tribunal, Bisher al-Rawi claims that he acted as a "go-between" for MI5 and Abu Qatada, "the militant Islamic cleric alleged to be al-Qa'ida's "spiritual leader" in Europe." Former Justice Dept. prosecutor John Loftus claims alleged London bombing mastermind Haroon Rashid Aswat is a "double agent" who "works for the MI6".

Apologies to all those other excellent media outlets that I have missed out. There are too many to mention them all.



Sunday, December 04, 2005

US media ignores the reports of the US military torturing people to death


Death By Torture: US Media Ignores Hard Evidence
Military autopsy reports provide indisputable proof that detainees are being tortured to death while in US military custody.

Anatomy of a CIA 'rendition' gone wrong . The CIA inspector general is investigating a growing number of what it calls "erroneous renditions," according to several former and current intelligence officials.


The following is taken from

Pressure to catch terrorists led agency to make arrests with little evidence.Posted Dec 4, 2005 07:20 AM PSTCategory: TORTURE SCANDAL

For almost three years now, the US has been torturing Iraqis, sometimes to the death, to find Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. We now know that there were no such weapons, which means the US has been torturing innocent people to death for information they could not have had.

History has shown that confessions extracted under torture are seldom factual and in fact usually represent what the torturers want to hear. At the end of WW2, the torture of Rudolph Höss, commander of the camp at Auschwitz, yielded a confession written in English, a language Höss did not speak, let alone read and write. Höss's confession also described the horrendous crimes of Camp Wolzek, a camp which never actually existed.

So, with that example as a guide, it should come as no surprise that many of the "confessions" extracted under torture by the US and then used as justifications for US military actions are equally fictional.

So why has the US resorted to torture? Not to find the actual facts, but simply to create politically expedient confessions that justify the agenda or war for profit. In this, the US has set civilization back to the middle ages, when people were tortured into confessing witchcraft, in order to perpetuate the lucrative business of witch hunting. It was all a lie, to create profit.
But there are no witches. There were no Iraqi WMDs. Osama has been dead since 2001.
But the torture goes on.