Friday, March 30, 2007

Operation Mockingbird

Is Telegraph's political editor an MI6 agent of influence? -

"The woman who was captured by Iran's Revolutionary Guards while serving with the Royal Navy in Iraq spoke of her devotion to both her family and her job just hours before she was seized." An exclusive interview with Faye Turney, hours before she was seized

"The BBC film the sassy young naval lady the day before the incident, working in an area never previously patrolled according to the Iraqi Government, the UK Government claim there is an internationally recognised boundary when the two sovereign nations Iraq and Iran have not agreed one ...." Shatt al Arab - Gulf of Tonkin incident Mark II ?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An explosion of disbelief

Daily Mail

"Why were no military aircraft scrambled in time to head off the attacks? Was the collapse of the Twin Towers caused by a careful use of explosives? How could a rookie pilot - as one of the terrorists was - fly a Boeing 757 aircraft so precisely into the Pentagon? And who made millions of dollars by accurately betting that shares in United and American Airlines, owners of the four doomed aircraft, were going to fall on 9/11 as they duly did?

"An extremely high volume of bets on the price of shares dropping were placed on these two airline companies, and only these two. In the three days prior to the catastrophe, trade in their shares went up 1,200 per cent."

Sunday Express

Misleading headline from an anti-SNP newspaper?
"The Nationalists... described the report's methods as 'absurd', pointing out that it had failed to allocate billions of pounds of North Sea oil revenues to Scotland... 'Only this week, the world-ranking economist Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett scotched the myth of the subsidised Scot.' SNP finance chiefs themselves insist that, far from being in deficit, Scots are currently subsidising the rest of the UK, thanks to the increase in tax receipts caused by rising oil prices."Economists say independence would cost Scots billions