Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blogger Party

From Jakartass

"Pesta Blogger did take place yesterday and the Minister of Communications and Information, Muhammed Nuh, made what will hopefully be a long-lasting commitment.

"Apart from naming October 27th National Bloggers Day (but surely every day is a bloggers day?!?), he said, 'Blogs can be educational, empowering and enlightening. That's why I can guarantee you curbing blogs will never happen in this country.'

"That's a bold statement and an issue I'll return to another day ~ perhaps as an article for the Jakarta Post.

"It is worth noting, however, that blogs have been curbed to varying degrees in fellow ASEAN countries Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, plus near neighbours China, India and Pakistan.

"If they haven't been curbed here, except by the occasional severing of an undersea cable, perhaps it's because telecommunications are generally, and for the majority of the country, crap."



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