Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mick Hume


Is Mick Hume, an ex-grammar school boy who writes for the Times newspaper in the UK, a disinformation agent?

Is he one of those 'radical leftists' who secretly supports the Pentagon and Israel?

1. Mick Hume has been accused of being "an apologist for abusers" - No murder at the mansion

He wrote in The Times, 16 December 2008:

"There is certainly no shortage of 'fantastic' rumours flying around Jersey, as I found when an e-mail circular from a local politician, suggesting that I might be an apologist for abusers, preceded me on to the island...

"The fact remains that nobody has provided any evidence of a political cover-up..."

(JERSEY - Harper, in the Belfast Telegraph, tells us the truth)

2. Mick Hume (born 1959) is a British journalist and former organizer of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

"It is worth examining the deep penetration of MI5 into the Communist Party." read on.

Mick Hume was the editor of Living Marxism.

"Ever since Living Marxism began publishing 11 years ago, it has drawn rumours ... that it is secretly funded by a South African millionaire; that it is a front organisation for the British security services; for right-wing think tanks; for American corporations." - "Licence to rile"

3. Mick Hume supports Israel. He wrote: "Today's fashion for Israel-bashing seems to me to represent a similar foolishness." (New Statesman - NS Essay - The anti-imperialism of fools)


Friday, December 05, 2008

Mumbai - who to believe?

Europe knows a lot about CIA terrorism?

The Mumbai Attacks of November 2008, like the 9 11 attacks and the earlier Gladio attacks in Europe, would have required a lot of preparation and the cooperation of people within more than one security service.

From The Guardian, 5 December 1990 (here):

"Vincenzo Vinciguerra ...is serving life for his part in the Peteano bombing...

"In 1984, questioned by Judges examining the 1980 Bologna station bomb in which 82 people were killed and for which two secret service agents were convicted, he said: 'With the massacre of Peteano, and with all those that have followed, the knowledge should by now be clear that there existed a real live structure, occult and hidden, with the capacity of giving a strategic direction to the outrages.' The structure, he said, 'lies within the state itself'."

Some Americans are unaware of the long history of terror events in Europe, which have been used, reportedly, to advance the agenda of the CIA and Pentagon.

Wayne Madsen (onlinejournal.com) has some most interesting information about Mumbai.

But his analysis of the event may be not accurate.

There seems to be an attempt, by Wayne Madsen and others, to blame the Mumbai Attacks on gangster Dawood Ibrahim alone.

It is unlikely that Ibrahim on his own could have carried out these attacks, just as it is unlikely that Osama bin Laden's organisation on its own could have carried out the 9 11 attacks.

Dawood Ibrahim

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim, like Osama bin Laden, has worked for the CIA.

Reportedly, Ibrahim is in Quetta, in Pakistan. Some bloggers believe he is angry because the CIA might arrange for him to be handed over to India.

In our view, it seems fairly unlikely that the CIA have stopped using Ibrahim and fairly unlikely that they will hand him over to India.

Wayne Madsen (onlinejournal.com) provides the following fascinating material about the Mumbai Attacks:

1. The security camera shot of Qasab, the “lone surviving gunman,” appears fake.

"The angle is too narrow for a train station which would have a wider angle and be shot from higher up than the photo being shopped by the Indian police."

2. According to Asian intelligence sources, Qasab may have been trained by Hindu militants.

3. One Asian intelligence source reports that he has “never seen a haircut like his (Qasab’s) in Pakistan or on either side of Line of Control in Kashmir.”

4. He also pointed out that Qasab is a bit overweight for an average “mujad” who get slim in training by exercising and by eating a sparse diet of lentils and flat bread.


5. The Trident-Oberoi Hotel had a large number of Israeli businessmen staying there while attending a diamond exhibition.

According to Asian intelligence sources a large number of Mossad officers used the Trident-Oberoi as a base of operations, along with the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Chabad House.

6. The Oberoi hostages were shot in the back of their heads, 'a typical gangland execution method preferred by Ibrahim and not the firing squad method used by LET.'