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Dawood Ibrahim, allegedly a friend of the CIA.

The 'Osama bin Laden compound' in the Pakistan town of Abbottabad has a special design.

Reportedly, it is a design used by the US military.

Reportedly, the US military use this design for constructing secret and safe homes for top officers in dangerous zones.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home? / Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home ...)

"Highly placed sources in Indian intelligence" reveal that the contract to build such homes in Pakistan has been given to Safari Construction.

Safari Construction is reportedly owned by Dawood Ibrahim.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build Osama's Abbottabad home?)

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim is an asset of the CIA.

According to the media, Pakistan intelligence agencies reveal that Dawood's construction company, Safari, is building many houses in Abbottabad.

They also reveal that Dawood has had a large home in Abbottabad for some years.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build Osama's Abbottabad home?)

Who might have been staying in the so called 'Osama Compound'?

Most likely it would have been people working for the CIA and its friends.

This might explain the reports that it was Pakistan forces who attacked the compound.

"A poll published in Pakistan shows that 66% of people believe the man killed (at Abbottabad) was not Osama bin Laden" (Al-CIAda statement should kill off Bin Laden conspiracy theories) The CIA did have a safe house in Abbottabad. (CIA Occupied Safe House in Abbottabad)

"Gangster Dawood Ibrahim slipped out of Karachi ... on Monday evening, just hours after US Navy Seals (arrived) ... in Abbottabad."

"The gangster ... flew down to Islamabad and (was) then taken to a safe house in Murree by (his) ISI handlers." (Dawood, Shakeel fled Karachi day after Osama kill)

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim of the CIA?

Reportedly, Ibrahim has joint casino interests with the CIA in Kathmandu.

Reportedly, this involves money laundering for top Indian politicians. (Wayne Madsen sees Dawood Ibrahim link to Mumbai Attacks)

"The United States showed a 'lack of enthusiasm' in getting underworld don Dawood Ibrahim deported to India from Pakistan despite making some initial efforts, says senior BJP leader L K Advani.

"Advani, in his memoir 'My Country My Life', notes with deep disappointment America's reticence in pressing Pakistan to hand over Dawood, wanted in connection with 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, to India." - ('US showed lack of interest in Dawood's deportation')

"Ibrahim is believed to be one of the men behind the terror attacks in Mumbai." (Fears of a Mumbai Redux: The Story Behind Germany's Terror Threat)

And it was an American agent, David Headley, who planned the Mumbai attacks. (DAVID HEADLEY AND OSAMA BIN LADEN)


The UK spooks protect Dawood Ibrahim?


Iqbal Mirchi lives in Hornchurch, in England.

Iqbal Mirchi is wanted by police in India for murder and his part in a terrorist bombing campaign.

He is allegedly among the top 50 global drug barons; according to the US authorities he is the right-hand man of Dawood Ibrahim, head of the 'D' company, a worldwide mafia.

Bombs in Mumbai in 1993 killed over 300 people.

Mirchi's name was linked to the bombings.

According to Mirchi: 'a senior police officer told me that my name would be attached to false charges unless I paid millions of rupees in bribes.

'I refused and moved to Dubai.'

Mirchi admits having met Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai.

Dawood has been described as 'the most dangerous man in the world'.

As well as drugs and terrorism, the D company is involved in gold smuggling, gambling, counterfeit currency, diamond trading, contract killing, extortion and film financing.

It is said to have a 60 per cent stake in the Bollywood film industry.

Dawood is also known to have met Osama Bin Laden and, in the aftermath of 9/11, allowed his smuggling network to be used to enable senior al-Qaeda operatives to flee Afghanistan.

Dawood Ibrahim seems to be untouchable.



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The journalists have given us pieces of the jigsaw.

There is increasing evidence that it was Pakistan forces who 'attacked' the compound in Abbottabad, alleged to be hiding Osama bin Laden.

1. According to a comment at a forum:

"Abbotabad is near ... an SSG (Pakistan special forces) base...

"A senior ISI offical told NBC it was Pakistani special force who conducted the operation."

(World's Armed Forces Forum: Senior ISI official confirms ...)

Pakistan model (Beware: Some photos from the internet contain viruses)

2. "The choppers which participated in the raid were very noisy, to the point of irritating some of the Tweeters.

"One of the Tweeters says: : 'It was too noisy to be a spy craft, or, a very poor spy craft it was.'

"He again says: 'I started noticing the helicpoter when the noise got irritating'.

"If the helicopters were so noisy, how is it the local security people including those in the local police stations and in the Military Academy did not hear the noise and try to make enquiries about the source of the noise?

"There are also references in the Tweets to a black-out in the town, roads being blocked, telephones going dead and sirens being sounded...

"A taxi-driver has been quoted as saying as follows: 'The army has cordoned off the crash area and is conducting door-to-door search in the surrounding.'

"A sweeper has been quoted as saying as follows: 'A family also died in the crash, and one of the helicopter riders got away and is now being searched for.'

(Sri Lanka Guardian: ABBOTTABAD RAID: A reconstruction through Tweets)

3. 2 May 2011

ABBOTTABAD: Three loud blasts were heard near the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul Road late Sunday night and a military helicopter also crashed.

Sources told Geo News that heavy firing was heard in the area before the chopper crashed.

Windowpanes of the nearby buildings and houses were smashed due to the intensity of the blasts, the sources said.

Eyewitnesses said first sound of heavy firing was heard and then there was a huge blast.

Fire erupted at the scene of the occurrence and according to latest reports police and fire brigade teams were rushing towards the blast scene.

Security forces cordoned off the entire area and military helicopters were also hovering over the area."


4. "A number of local residents have confirmed to the BBC that they were visited by Pakistani army personnel two hours before the attack commenced, ordering them to switch off the lights inside and outside their homes and instructing them to stay indoors until they were informed it was safe to come out."

(Pakistan Military Knew About Bin Laden Raid Well In Advance Of ...) (Cached)

ABBOTTABAD: 25Jun2008 A Pakistani drug addict smokes heroin in Abbottabad on the eve of International anti Narcotics Day. PHOTO by Sultan Dogar
A Pakistani drug addict smokes heroin in Abbottabad on the eve of International anti Narcotics Day. PHOTO by Sultan Dogar www.flickr.com/photos/sultandogar / Abbottabad Press Club

5. On 4 May 2011, The UK Daily Telegraph's Peter Oborne has an excellent report on what happened at Abbottabad. (The mysterious Khan family.)

Peter Oborne reports:

Mohammed Qasim is a farmer’s boy who lives right next to the compound in Abbottabad.

A special forces helicopter landed in the field just behind his house.

Masked men emerged.

Mohammed Qasim said they spoke fluent Pashtu, a language of Pakistan.

He heard them 'smash their way into' the compound.

Twenty minutes later, he heard the helicopters depart with their captives.

Mohammed Qasim's father was seized by soldiers during the raid.

Peter Osborne could see "practically no signs of a fight" when he arrived at the Khan’s family house.

"No bullet marks punctured the walls."

6. Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's 2004 autobiography talks about an Al Qaeda (CIA) safe house in Abbottabad. (Musharraf knew of Abbottabad safe house?)

An ISI official told the BBC the compound in Abbottabad where Bin Laden was allegedly killed had been raided in 2003. (Bunny Laden.)

Pakistan’s spy service (ISI) had been sharing information about the Abbottabad compound with the CIA since 2009 and had continued to do so until mid-April. ( Pakistan 'shared information about compound ...‎)

A Cobra helicopter belonging to the pakistan military

7. According to Pakistani Urdu TV channel Geo News (killed in Abbotabad near Islamabad of Pakistan):

Pakistani intelligence officials said that a Pakistani army helicopter was shot down in Abbottabad and then a search operation was launched by Pakistani forces.

At about 1:20 a.m. local time a Pakistani helicopter was shot down by unknown people in the Sikandarabad area of Abbottabad.

The Pakistani forces launched a search operation in the nearby area and encountered a group of unknown armed people.

An exchange of fire followed between the two sides.

When the exchange of fire ended, the Pakistani forces arrested some Arab women and children as well some other armed people.

Two U.S. helicopters flew to the site and carried away a dead body

Initial reports said that at least one was killed and two others were injured in the crash.

At least two houses were engulfed by the huge fire caused by the crashed chopper.

"The CIA's Larry Mitchell met Osama in an American hospital in 2001"

8. "U.S. officials have said that Pakistani officials were not told about the early morning helicopter raid until the strike team had killed Bin Laden and had returned to Afghanistan from where they took off, citing security reasons.

"Many Pakistanis were surprised at how this was possible, especially when initial reports stated that the choppers took off from a Pakistani air base." (Bunny Laden.)


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Osama bin Laden at Oxford (on the right)

Most journalists are aware of the truth about Osama and his family.

But the editors like to hide the parts of the story that do not fit their master's agenda.

In 1931, Osama bin Laden's father, Mohammed, set up the the BinLaden Group. The group deals in publishing, banking, construction, property and transport and is worth several billions.

The bin Ladens have connections to top people, including several US presidents. ( Bin Laden family gave $1 million to Carter )

According to French intelligence, during the 1980's, Salem bin Laden helped the Reagan Administration when it secretly arranged for an estimated thirty-four million dollars to be funnelled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras, in Nicaragua. ( Meet The Bin Ladens: Osama's Road to Riches and Terror ... )

Reportedly, in 1979, Osama bin Laden's tutor, Prince Turki al Fayçal al Saud (director of Saudi Arabia secret services from 1977 to August 2001), asked Osama to direct and financially manage the CIA secret operations in Afghanistan. (The Hidden Financial Ties between the Bush and the Bin Laden ...)

On the morning of September 11, 2001, George W. Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, was meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother, Shafig bin Laden, in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, on Carlyle Group business. (Osama Bin Laden, 1957 – 2001)

From the Daily Telegraph, 20 July 2004: (Telegraph Entertainment The acceptable face of the bin Ladens) :

"...The bin Ladens have dealings with Citigroup, General Electric, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and the Fremont Group, as well as Microsoft and Boeing.

"The family is reported to have given $2 million to Harvard and $300,000 to Tufts University, as well as owning massive amounts of real estate in Florida and Massachusetts."

Osama's niece

Osama bin Laden's niece is called Waffah and she is a 'pop star, reality TV star and wannabe actor'. In December 2005, Wafah posed naked except for an ostrich feather in an American men's magazine. (Welcome to the family, Mrs bin Laden)

According to The Sunday Telegraph, "Wafah's favourite media pose is straddled provocatively across a massive bed clad only in her lingerie, high heels and a feather boa. Her stage act is a mix of suggestive and shy..." Welcome to the family, Mrs bin Laden

One of Osama's brother is called Yeslam. His company produces watches, handbags, belts and sunglasses and £66-a-flagon perfume. He runs his luxury goods business from Geneva.

Yeslam's former wife, Carmen, is not a Moslem.

According to The Sunday Telegraph (Welcome to the family, Mrs bin Laden) :

"When Carmen married into the bin Ladens in 1974, she thought them a thoroughly Westernised family. They had jeans and Afro hair, and they loved pop music and Western magazines. A glance at the family album, which includes a 1971 photograph of a family holiday in Falum, Sweden, would certainly have suggested they enjoyed all things Western. It shows a group of bin Laden cousins posing in jocular mood beside a gaudy pink Cadillac."

Another of Osama's brothers, Abdullah Mohammed, lives in America. He has a doctorate from Harvard Law School and he is a one of the world's wealthiest bachelors.

According to Le Figaro newspaper, 11 October 2001, a CIA agent met Osama bin Laden in July 2001, while Osama was getting treatment for kidney problems at an American hospital in Dubai. ( Guardian Unlimited Special reports CIA agent alleged to have ... )

Bin Laden checked into the American Hospital Dubai, a 100-bed, acute-care general hospital, July 4 and stayed until July 14.

He arrived from Quetta, Pakistan, accompanied by his personal doctor...

Le Figaro cited a "professional partner" linked to the hospital's management as its source.

Besides a stream of local dignitaries and family members, bin Laden's visitors included a local CIA agent, the newspaper reported. The agent was widely recognized locally, Le Figaro said, and later told several friends of the meeting. The alleged American spy was called back to the CIA's McLean, Va., headquarters July 15 - a day after bin Laden checked out, Le Figaro reported, citing "authorized sources."

The Print Ad titled BUSH / BIN LADEN was done by Lowe/ggk Werbeagentur advertising agency for product: Kronen Zeitung Newspaper (brand: KRONE VERLAG & CO. VERMÖGENSVERWALTUNG) in Austria. It was released in the Aug 2006. Website for this image

According to Chris Floyd, 23 August 2005, at sianews (http://www.sianews.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2600):

"George W Bush's first business 'was jump-started with secret cash from the bin Ladens, laundered through their U.S. frontman, James Bath - who was also hired by W.'s dad ... to set up offshore companies for shifting CIA money and aircraft between Texas and Saudi Arabia, the Texas Observer reported.'"

According to http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/, 21 August 2005:

"One of the top U.S. contractors in Iraq (Fluor) was intimately involved in the Bin Laden global financial empire...

"One of Fluor's board members is retired Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, a former deputy director of the CIA...

"A French intelligence report ... reveals that Fluor was an integral part of the Bin Laden financial empire...

Bush, Bin laden and James Bath are all reportedly linked to BCCI

"Osama bin Laden has been a major kingpin in drug shipments to Europe and North America since 1991, when he established a major drug smuggling network in Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

"When Bin Laden moved to Afghanistan in 1996, he re-established the drug smuggling networks initially set up by the CIA during the Mujaheddin war against the Soviets...

"According to a French intelligence report ... U.S. and British intelligence elements continued to control Osama Bin Laden and his Khalden-based terrorist corps as of 1995...

"The Bin Laden drug network also intersects with Geneva-based financial entities established by George H. W. Bush while he was CIA director and Vice President and President of the United States.

"Bin Laden and Bush money are held in some of the same financial tranches in Switzerland, the Isle of Man, and the Bahamas..."


Prince Turki reportedly met bin Laden in hospital.

Robber barons? The Bushes, the Vatican, bin Laden,...

aangirfan: Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs....





Bhutto said Omar Sheikh murdered Osama bin Laden